FDA gives e-cigs a new lease on #vapelife

Last May, the FDA gave e-cigarette companies an ultimatum: they had until 2018 (approximately 18 months) to submit any products released after 2007 for review. This entailed a costly application process likely to blow the smoke out of budding vape companies.

Analysts bore it as the kiss of death for a $3.7B US vape-conomy, with headlines like “R.I.P electronic cigarette industry” and “Vapes take their last drag” (OK, we made that one up).

Turns out, these doomsday predictions were a bit premature.

As of Friday, the FDA reneged on its deadline

Instead, they’ll delay reviewing e-cigarettes for safety until 2022 to give themselves more time to come up with robust regulations for the devices.

It’s a huge (if temporary) win for e-cig companies, and a vote of confidence from the FDA that they may, in fact, be a “lower-risk alternative to smokers.”

But, as the FDA commissioner himself also says:

“We don’t fully understand [them]”

E-cigs, which vaporize nicotine-containing liquids in fun fruity flavors like “bad apple” or “what a melon,” are generally considered less dangerous than cigarettes.

However, vapes also relatively new and, thus far, largely unregulated, so we don’t really know how they affect people’s health long term.

Maybe they’re the lesser of 2 evils… or maybe they’re just evil. Who’s to say, really?

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