So, you have just published a well written article on your blog and now very eager to see result.. eg how many visitors you are going to get today and how many $$$ you made..

Sound really great!! But what if your post will not rank and you are not able to make it to first page of Google search than all your hard work can go into vain, don’t panic at all if you are not ranking today this means you have to do something more which are others are doing but you aren’t or simply improve your articles and website for Search Engines. Here we are going to talk about How to maximize your visitors and site traffic after publishing new articles in few simple steps. Just follow these simple things to improve your search presence and gain extra visitors.

What to do after publishing your articles in order to well?

You can use these tips for well ranked posts as well because if you will not do someone will do. From past decades we are hearing that Content is King and I definitely agree with this. But as per now you must take some other factors also in your mind like Social Single, visitor’s engagement, updating older posts etc. Here I am not going to talk about few important things that I generally use to perform after publishing a new post / article and in result we get maximize traffics and extra income.

Things to do after publishing article – MAXIMIZE YOUR TRAFFIC


#1 Internal links (helpful in 100% cases)

Yes, after publishing new article or post just go back and include some useful link to the relevant articles that you published earlier but make sure they are in limited quantity. Generally I used to include 3-4 internal links to other posts.

How internal links are going to maximize your visitors ?

  • More traffic
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Seo juice will flow smoothly

To know the importance of internal links you first know what they are, what they do?

Internal Links: These are general hyperlinks which points to other resources or posts in your blog/website.

By introducing some related internal links you will provide more value to your articles as well as your visitors and that’s what Google is delivering to searcher’s “valuable information”.

#2 Maintain Keyword density

Yes maintaining a valid keyword density is really important for better ranking. Keyword density is just % of keyword / phrase on post or page to the total number of words.  This is very valuable in order to ranking.. as they points to search engines that this page is important. While having keywords stuffed can harm your site and ranking as search engine’s these days are intelligent enough to provide good quality results.

Check your newly posted article whether it has sufficient number of keyword density or not. Generally I maintain keyword density around 4 to 5% which is an ideal keyword density to rank well & maximize your visitors and earnings.

#3 Submit to Search Engine

Search Engine submissions is any compulsory after publishing any post, page or article in order to index your URL fast otherwise it can take hours to get indexed in normal circumstances. Google is providing really fast indexing these days which is really great. So, don’t forget to submit your URL to Google.

#4 Get Social Signals for your post

These days’ social media is on boom and a large number of people are active on social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc. So, make sure you use share your post on these platform. I recommend you to use Share this plug-in which gives your social buttons to easily share your content on major social media sites.

#5 Gain 100s of visitors with Social Bookmarking

Try to submit your link to major social bookmarking sites like stumbleupon, dig, delicious etc. Sharing articles can boost your visitors as they have huge number of people.

#6 Update and “Replies to comments”

Reply and update your articles at regular intervals with new piece of content if applicable. It will add more related information to your posts.

Update to ” Try some more things to improve your site’s traffic significantly”.

>> email marketing.
>> improve your site’s responsiveness
>>Advertisement on relevant site’s
>> engage your articles on other platforms like facebook fan page or Group..

Hope this will be incredibly helpful to maximize your traffic a lot.

Final Words to maximize your visitors

So, these are 6 basic things which every webmaster should use to improve your rankings and visitors. For better results keep checking these points every time you publish a new article or page. Hope you enjoyed this article and if you have some new ideas then feel free to share it with us. Join me for more seo tips, blogging,PPC, Adsense help. Thanks.