It’s no secret that the hotel industry doesn’t like Airbnb. It’s about as obvious as fire not liking water. Or Evan Spiegel not liking India. Too far? Ok, let’s reel it back in.

What is surprising is the extent of this hatred, underscored by a newly-leaked document that discusses in detail how the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) plan to be the Voldemort to Airbnb’s Harry Potter.

“Ooh sounds juicy…” 

Remember last year when the FTC started investigating the effect of short-term rentals on housing costs? Turns out that happened because 3 senators asked for it at the request of the AHLA.

And, last October when New York imposed ridiculously steep fines for anyone hosting on Airbnb? You guessed it, the AHLA claimed that policy change as a “notable achievement.”

So what’s on the docket for this year? 

For one, funding research by a Penn State professor to show Airbnb hosts break the law and planning a campaign “to provide a counterweight to Airbnb’s strategy of presenting a unified, working-class face.”

Basically, they’re in the business of being disagreeable. And you really can’t blame them, considering it’s the group’s job to protect their interests in the $1.1T American hotel industry.

The weird part is it’s all out in the open

Lobbying groups with self-interested agendas aren’t anything new, but it’s always interesting when they get released so publicly (like the Egg Board, Hampton Creek thing).

But if the hotels are the big bad wolf, Airbnb isn’t exactly Mary’s innocent little lamb. There are plenty of issues the red paperclip company needs to address like illegal Airbnb “hotels” that raise rents and decrease supply.

Or, you know, quit reminding me to review that tiny wooden A-frame we stayed in like 3 years ago.