Well circular, to be precise. After 4 years of teaser videos and leaked blueprints, Apple plans to open its $5B donut-shaped “Apple Campus 2” in Cupertino this month.

And, while the office itself is a feat of engineering (requiring around 6km of glass for its rounded walls) — it only accounts for about 20% of the 2.8m ft2 campus.

The other 80%? Landscaping including grass, shrubs, flowers, and… about 9k trees. Unfortunately for Apple’s Chief Arborist David Muffly (yes, that’s his real title), they’re not the only ones in the market for some green.

It’s a no-hoes-barred battle of the branches

San Francisco’s Transbay Transit Center, a $2.3B bus terminal under construction, still needs 469 trees for its 5.4 acre park.

Meanwhile, Apple is about 3k short, so they’re calling dibs on the best trunks from nurseries across the Pacific Northwest by marking trees with locking tags so no one else can swipe ‘em.

But, unlike the TTC, which is seeking rare specimens like Chinese elms and “a single Chilean wine palm,” Apple’s main focus is its orchards.

Everyone’s freaking out about fruit

When they’re not perfecting the “beveled edges” of the next iPhone, employees will be able to eat persimmons, cherries, apricots, and — of course — apples right off the tree, as they stroll leisurely across campus.

That is, if they get bored of the other 20%, which features a $70m fitness center, 90k ft2 cafeteria, and a thousand-person underground auditorium for product launches — all run on 100% renewable energy via one of the largest corporate solar arrays in the world.

Not to mention the office itself, a never-ending circle that encloses the man-made forest and houses 13k engineers and designers.

“A circle, huh? This shape sounds strangely familiar…”

Well, yeah, it looks like the iPhone home button.

Oh, but you’re thinking of The Circle, a Tom Hanks and Emma Watson thriller debuting this month based on a David Eggers book about a giant tech company with a circular HQ that collects way too much data and looks perfect from the outside but is actually evil?

“Yeah, it’s cool. I’ll hang back at the old office…”