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A new and cheaper way to Factory unlock an iPhone

Removing your iPhone from the grips of your carrier has never been easy. Factory unlocking it often costs a lot of money if you manage to do it at all.
For some years there has been a work around using basically a sticker with a microchip on it, which tricks Apple to tell them that the phone is unlocked for use on all carriers.

Some older Sim Chips were understood to have concerns, implying they would unexpectedly quit working or they would not support all Apples functions such as iMessage and so on. The best iPhone Unlocker I found offering this new chip is They have actually launched a new updated iPhone Sim Chip  and i did manage to unlock my phone using their chip and it is  surprisingly working flawlessly.

More importantly they have guaranteed it to work, and have offered a 3 months free replacement warranty. No one else is offering such a guarantee. If you decide to order your iPhone unlock chip from Canada Unlocking let us know your experience in the comments.

This approach of unlocking has actually ended up being more popular since the new Unlock Chip now supports the current iOS variations, works perfectly, and it is more economical when compared to a factory unlock by IMEI.

If in the future you purchase a brand-new iPhone or get your iPhone changed by Apple then you can easily remove the CHIP from your old phone and use it in your brand-new iPhone as well, so unlock with other services there is no money lost on unlocking.

My favorite Gary Vaynerchuk quote

When asked about his weaknesses, Gary Vaynerchuk, founder of an 820-person company, said the following:

“The funny part is I think I kind of suck at everything… I’m a terrible student, I don’t think I’m very educated… My grammar sucks,” he said. “But I surround myself with people who don’t.”

He continued, “What I really preach a lot these days more and more is focusing more on what you’re good at instead of what you’re not good at; you tend to have a much better long-term result that way.”
Let Upwork handle your weaknesses

Website development, customer support, design, there are thousands millions who can do the things your company needs help with. stinks at. So, instead of worrying about your weaknesses, focus on what you’re good at: selling, storytelling, leading, and strategizing.

Upwork is a freelancer marketplace with +3,500 skills that cover pretty much every type of work that can be done online/remotely. Used by Airbnb, Zendesk, and Dropbox, UpWork even lets you post a job and view quality freelancers for free.

And, because they love you, Upwork’s giving you $100 off your first $500 hire.

Why & How to write Robots.txt file for website, blog

Robots.txt file is a great way to tell search engine’s about your site and manage crawler’s to index your site as per your preference. I think most of the newbie bloggers are not familiar with this file, most of them are in a bit fear of Robot.txt file as they think it is hard to edit Robots.txt file and any single mistake can harm their site.

This is same case with me when I started blogging 2 years back but now all of my blogs have Robots.TXT file installed on servers. It will be great if search engine boat crawl and index your website or blog frequently but wait!! But not when they index something which you really don’t thought off. These bots will index everything unless you guide them what to index and what not. Here I am going to explain everything about Robots.TXT file like: how to create Robots.txt file, how to edit Robot.txt and why you Robots.txt file.  

What is Robot.TXT file?

So, I think most of you guys have got the idea of this file but more reference here is detailed definition: Robots.txt is a txt file on your server which tells Search engine bots what to not index….this file also knows as Standards for Robot Exclusion. This is works as a protocol between search engines and websites to crawl and index website/blog content. When Google bot, Bing bot comes to your site for indexing they first need to crawl Robots.txt file and from here they got to know what to exclude while indexing the site. You can easily view this file by just typing and can see what restrictions you have placed for search engine bots till now. Also if some of you does not able see this file this means you don’t have robots.txt file available on server.


Importance of Robot.txt files for website or blog

This file can be very helpful if you have limited server resources and also can save a lot of loading time of your website by making some simple changes in Robot.txt file. Here I think there are mainly three main advantages when we have this file on our website.

Better resource management and improved load time

You have often seen many site with having some forms, search bars and many other scripts running when you open their website’s but still they will not take much time. The main reason behind this is Robot.txt file. Actually they have excluded these unusable scripts from crawl bots because these small scripts are made for users not for search engines. No one is going to search for these things on search engine. So, this can improve your site’s load time significantly.

Disallowing Search Robot from indexing your pages or content

Sometimes you don’t need to get index some of your pages or categories or tags. Then at that time Robot.txt is the only way to do it.

How to write Robots.TXT file

Creating a Robot.txt is file as simple as you create any notepad file in your computer but needs to be placed at server where your website resides. The folder where my site’s all data is stored. To view your server you can just simply use your hosting Cpanel or can use any ftp software like (filezilla). Here I am going to talk about few basic and advanced commands that you can use to write Robot.txt file for your website.

Simple commands to use in Robot.txt file


Here user-agent:* means that this section of commands will be applied to all Robots. Here * is a wildcards which is applicable for all. Using Disallow: without any directory in this segment means, crawler can access any directory without any restriction.

Trying some advanced commands to Robot.TXT now

Disallow: /cgi-bin/

This command means any web spider or bots are not permitted to access cgi-bin folder or your site. Like if your cgi-bin/abc.html/ then it will not be indexed.

User-agent: Googlebot-Image
Disallow: /

Hi, as you can see in this command we have Googlebot-Image instead of *. So, here we have specified the Bot name while in above sections * is used for all robots.

This command means Googlebot-Image will not be able to access any file your website. You can also specify your image forlder to robot as well.

Eg. User-agent: Googlebot-Image
       Disallow: /images/

This command will tell Googlebot-Image that you should not index any file from images folder.

Similarly you can also use some other parameters in your Robot.txt file to exclude search engine bots from indexing your pages, post, images etc.


User-agent: *
Disallow: /secrets/
Disallow: /techewire/mypost.html
Disallow: /wp-admin/
Disallow: /wp-content/
Disallow: /index.php/
Disallow: /comments/feed/


Here above you have an example of how to write Robots.txt file for website and restrict search engine bots from indexing some important file which are not meant to be viewed in indexing.

Final words on “ Robot.txt file “


So, finally you have seen some good examples of Robots.TXT file and I think most of you are now able to write this file from your own which any problem. This is an important aspect of your website and you should think on it what content of your website is not required to get index. Hope you all now make some experiment with your robots.txt file of your website.

But still if you have problem in writing ROBOTS.txt file for website then feel free to make a comment below and also before leaving just make sure you like and share us on social media like Facebook and Google+.


Twitter Cheat Sheet


To live we will discuss about that  solar water heater there is a container  and there is a water tank this is a  solar water container this is a water  tank in which we have a water which will  be at the higher height from this solar  water container  these will be connected with a pipe this  water tank will supply the water to this  solar container  and this container is connected by means  of pipes  these are the pipes from which our water  will be circulate from the container  and this is the ending point of the file  these are the connecting pipes  this point will be for worm pipe warm  water which will go to outside then  water will be warmed in the solar  container  what will happen when sunrays will fall  on that  these pipe these are the surveys when  some rays will fall on the pipes  despite is made up of copper copper is  the heat conducting material.

So larger  heat will be conducted by the pipes and  the cooling water will come through this  container cooling water will come  through this container this water will  be come and after taking heat it will be  converted into  heated water the red points are shown  that the heat exchange will be takes  place and these red dots will be created  by the heat exchanger and the container  and this container will see by the warm  water there will be warm water in the  upper side of the  the cooling water will takes place after.

This this process will be going on by  the natural therapy vessel therapy  national therapy when sun rays will be  strike on the water the density of the  water will be low and the water will be  go towards the upper side because the  density or heat in water will be less  than the density of cooling water so  natural cooling for natural flowing  takes place in the fight pulling water  will come from the container and the  heated water will go up in the container  and the warm water will be comes out  from this file so this is the working of  solar water heater which we use in the  house thank you  and after this  there will be a pipe for filling the  container time to time  thank you.

Maximize your visitors after publishing article (Things to do)

So, you have just published a well written article on your blog and now very eager to see result.. eg how many visitors you are going to get today and how many $$$ you made..

Sound really great!! But what if your post will not rank and you are not able to make it to first page of Google search than all your hard work can go into vain, don’t panic at all if you are not ranking today this means you have to do something more which are others are doing but you aren’t or simply improve your articles and website for Search Engines. Here we are going to talk about How to maximize your visitors and site traffic after publishing new articles in few simple steps. Just follow these simple things to improve your search presence and gain extra visitors.

What to do after publishing your articles in order to well?

You can use these tips for well ranked posts as well because if you will not do someone will do. From past decades we are hearing that Content is King and I definitely agree with this. But as per now you must take some other factors also in your mind like Social Single, visitor’s engagement, updating older posts etc. Here I am not going to talk about few important things that I generally use to perform after publishing a new post / article and in result we get maximize traffics and extra income.

Things to do after publishing article – MAXIMIZE YOUR TRAFFIC


#1 Internal links (helpful in 100% cases)

Yes, after publishing new article or post just go back and include some useful link to the relevant articles that you published earlier but make sure they are in limited quantity. Generally I used to include 3-4 internal links to other posts.

How internal links are going to maximize your visitors ?

  • More traffic
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Seo juice will flow smoothly

To know the importance of internal links you first know what they are, what they do?

Internal Links: These are general hyperlinks which points to other resources or posts in your blog/website.

By introducing some related internal links you will provide more value to your articles as well as your visitors and that’s what Google is delivering to searcher’s “valuable information”.

#2 Maintain Keyword density

Yes maintaining a valid keyword density is really important for better ranking. Keyword density is just % of keyword / phrase on post or page to the total number of words.  This is very valuable in order to ranking.. as they points to search engines that this page is important. While having keywords stuffed can harm your site and ranking as search engine’s these days are intelligent enough to provide good quality results.

Check your newly posted article whether it has sufficient number of keyword density or not. Generally I maintain keyword density around 4 to 5% which is an ideal keyword density to rank well & maximize your visitors and earnings.

#3 Submit to Search Engine

Search Engine submissions is any compulsory after publishing any post, page or article in order to index your URL fast otherwise it can take hours to get indexed in normal circumstances. Google is providing really fast indexing these days which is really great. So, don’t forget to submit your URL to Google.

#4 Get Social Signals for your post

These days’ social media is on boom and a large number of people are active on social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc. So, make sure you use share your post on these platform. I recommend you to use Share this plug-in which gives your social buttons to easily share your content on major social media sites.

#5 Gain 100s of visitors with Social Bookmarking

Try to submit your link to major social bookmarking sites like stumbleupon, dig, delicious etc. Sharing articles can boost your visitors as they have huge number of people.

#6 Update and “Replies to comments”

Reply and update your articles at regular intervals with new piece of content if applicable. It will add more related information to your posts.

Update to ” Try some more things to improve your site’s traffic significantly”.

>> email marketing.
>> improve your site’s responsiveness
>>Advertisement on relevant site’s
>> engage your articles on other platforms like facebook fan page or Group..

Hope this will be incredibly helpful to maximize your traffic a lot.

Final Words to maximize your visitors

So, these are 6 basic things which every webmaster should use to improve your rankings and visitors. For better results keep checking these points every time you publish a new article or page. Hope you enjoyed this article and if you have some new ideas then feel free to share it with us. Join me for more seo tips, blogging,PPC, Adsense help. Thanks.

Tips to increase traffic on your AdSense blog

For a successful business, it is necessary that you should be capable of drawing customers to like your product. In order to do so, the best way is to launch your own site, where the entry of potential customers will justify the popularity of the site. However, somewhere you lack the wittiness to draw visitors. Never mind, you have to know the ways of increasing the traffic of your site. As a result, this will increase the money flow as well .In order to do so you have to know the tricks to increase the number of visitors to your site.


Increase Traffic to your adsense blog and make few more $$

Below listed are few tips, which will surely help you, increase the traffic:

 Writing enriched content: (Content is KING”)

The first and foremost step towards increasing traffic is to write up contents, which surely displays your talent as well as expertise regarding the particular topics. The best will be to follow niche- based topics, which are actually quite popular these days. Make sure that to draw traffic; you need to include well- researched keywords, Meta tags. The entire write up should be search engine friendly. If the contents make well in the search engine browsers, there is a high possibility to grab good number of visitors.

 Introduce your pages to popular search engine

Once you have your own site, make sure that you should enter the names of the URLS to the Webmaster tool. This is indeed an essential routine because this enhances the crawling of your site. Now the webmaster introduces the ULRl’s to the search engine Index, which generates the ranking. This somehow popularizes your site and adds more traffic to your site.

Be Regular with contents:

Next, you should definitely upload contents on a regular basis. Make sure that you should not run behind time, time variation may make you lose visitors to your site. On the other hand, this will even display your dedication towards the work. One more thing, you should make a thumb rule that you will write contents regularly. Sometimes, it may happen that the people are not adding comments, but do not get disheartened rather you should continue with the journey.

Start your own community:

If you really want to get more traffic to your site make sure that you should do something unique. For that, you can even start your own community. This will actually encourage others to be a part of your community. This is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your site.

Posting on networking sites:

You all know that these days’ people are too crazy about the social networking sites. In fact, people do spend quality hours on these sites browsing through posts, liking stories. Therefore posting your own blog, article on these sites will attract pool of viewers, who will not only like your blogs, but also leave some comments. This is in fact, the most useful way to get great traffic. At the same time, it will highly monetize your site as well.

So, hope you will take a note with these above listed points and use it to increase traffic of your website, blog etc. Also before you leave just make sure to like and share us on social media from below buttons and also if you have anything to say then feel free to make your thoughts from below form.


Get high DA domain with PR3, 4, 5: Increase your online presence

If you wish to be a pro on the online business, then it is must to have a perfectly designed website. For that, it is important to have a good domain name. Obviously, this is one of the vital steps towards your business. Amidst million names, you have to be choosy while selecting the name because it will define your online presence and glorify your brands. However, you should choose a name, which will give you the best of both worlds. Means it will increase your popularity at the same time bag you a high DA domain.

In order to get the domain with good Page rank you need to follow certain steps:


  • Adding links:

Whenever you launch a site, it is not just the home page, which is important, but the inner pages also draw equal attention. You have to ensure that there is a proper optimization along with targeted keywords amongst the internal pages as well. While creating the site, you should provide proper backlinks so that your site appears properly on the search engines bagging page ranks of three, four. Additionally, you need to bring variations in the keyword, do not add the similar phrases or keywords in each of the page. Try to get some authentic links from external websites too. While hosting, you have to ensure that the links are working perfectly.

  • Uploading enriched contents;

You should be clear about the content, do not juggle with any spinner content issues. Make sure that the uploaded contents are hundred percent genuine. Do not cement your contents with unnecessary keywords; do not make it look cluttered. There should not be any issues with grammar and spelling. You should provide well- informed article, make sure not to pen down vague and a general article. Add relevant content with proper information followed by certain Meta tags and descriptions.

  • Link Diversity:

Just like on page SEO, you need to ensure that your site undergoes a proper off page SEO as well. This is because it is highly necessary to get a good Domain authority page rank and high DA domain. For this, you should add one link to the earlier posts on your site, then you should add another link to the home page and next you should add link to the other crucial sub sections.

  • Social visibility:

You should know that the popular search engine browsers have recently introduced algorithms, which intended to rank your site based on the visibility on the media. Now you need to make sure that your site is highly popular on the social world to get high DA domain. Well this will definitely boost the status of your site. As a result, your site will climb the ladder of rankings and no doubt will grab a rank within top three, four or five. For example if your site gets about 7500 likes on popular social media sites, then it is likely you will be there within top 5.

Following the above said methods will definitely help you shoot the best pagerank.

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