So… just a cab? Yeah, but this one’s different. Earlier this month, a group of ex-Udacity employees announced they were creating yet another new self-driving taxi company called Voyage.

Wait, isn’t Udacity that site that does online courses?

Yep. But these particular employees were the ones behind their open source, self-driving car curriculum, plus they already have working prototypes, so it’s not like they’re starting from scratch (they promise they’re not using any of their students’ code).

And here’s the twist: It’s gonna be free

Or at least, that’s what they’re “aiming for,” according to tweets from CEO, Oliver Cameron. He’s hinted that Voyage has a secret weapon up their sleeves in the form of free, ad-supported transportation.

Granted, it’s speculative but, it would likely work in the same way that Facebook and Google offer “free” services to people in exchange for targeted advertising.

So imagine a self-driving car that picks you up at home, shows you an ad for a new lunch place next to your office, and then drops you off at work.

Ridesharing apps collect tons of data on us, and it’s not a huge stretch to picture a brand paying good money for our attention while we’re locked in a comfortable box.

Worth it?