If you wish to be a pro on the online business, then it is must to have a perfectly designed website. For that, it is important to have a good domain name. Obviously, this is one of the vital steps towards your business. Amidst million names, you have to be choosy while selecting the name because it will define your online presence and glorify your brands. However, you should choose a name, which will give you the best of both worlds. Means it will increase your popularity at the same time bag you a high DA domain.

In order to get the domain with good Page rank you need to follow certain steps:


  • Adding links:

Whenever you launch a site, it is not just the home page, which is important, but the inner pages also draw equal attention. You have to ensure that there is a proper optimization along with targeted keywords amongst the internal pages as well. While creating the site, you should provide proper backlinks so that your site appears properly on the search engines bagging page ranks of three, four. Additionally, you need to bring variations in the keyword, do not add the similar phrases or keywords in each of the page. Try to get some authentic links from external websites too. While hosting, you have to ensure that the links are working perfectly.

  • Uploading enriched contents;

You should be clear about the content, do not juggle with any spinner content issues. Make sure that the uploaded contents are hundred percent genuine. Do not cement your contents with unnecessary keywords; do not make it look cluttered. There should not be any issues with grammar and spelling. You should provide well- informed article, make sure not to pen down vague and a general article. Add relevant content with proper information followed by certain Meta tags and descriptions.

  • Link Diversity:

Just like on page SEO, you need to ensure that your site undergoes a proper off page SEO as well. This is because it is highly necessary to get a good Domain authority page rank and high DA domain. For this, you should add one link to the earlier posts on your site, then you should add another link to the home page and next you should add link to the other crucial sub sections.

  • Social visibility:

You should know that the popular search engine browsers have recently introduced algorithms, which intended to rank your site based on the visibility on the media. Now you need to make sure that your site is highly popular on the social world to get high DA domain. Well this will definitely boost the status of your site. As a result, your site will climb the ladder of rankings and no doubt will grab a rank within top three, four or five. For example if your site gets about 7500 likes on popular social media sites, then it is likely you will be there within top 5.

Following the above said methods will definitely help you shoot the best pagerank.