The white knights of ridesharing are testing out a new service in San Francisco and Chicago called Lyft Shuttle, which operates along fixed routes just like a bus line.

Wait, you mean I still have to wait at a stop, get dropped off 5 blocks from my destination, AND feel obligated to small talk with strangers for 20 minutes???


Pricing is still a mystery, but Lyft says Shuttle fares will be fixed at an ambiguously low price based on time and location. Somewhere slightly cheaper than Line (and unaffected by surges), but (we assume) slightly more expensive than a bus ticket.

But don’t expect a huge rectangular box lined with seats.

Drivers will apparently still use their own cars and get paid their normal commissions. Still unclear whether they’ll just be riding along waiting for hails, or stopping automatically every few minutes…

Kind of like… a regular bus?

Yes, kind of, except it’ll only run during typical commuting hours (from 6:30-10am and 4-8pm) and probably not have gum everywhere you put your hands.